Why play traditional Lotto when you can play Decentralized Lotto?

Those who wanna try their luck in the lottery should prefer decentralized lottery systems because this concept has completely revolutionized the entire lottery system. With the help of blockchain, things have really become very fair and transparent.

As these lotteries are decentralized so everything runs on smart contracts on a public blockchain and has no human interference, which means winners are picked through automated random number generation and are completely random.

Why Decentralized Lotteries Are Better Than Traditional Lotteries?

Tronsweep.com is one of the best-decentralized lotto platforms that I played before, because of its amazing dividend distribution program that pays handsome dividends to all the ticket buyers and Tronsweep Lotto prizes (1500-300Million TRX) are simply awesome.

In traditional lottery, only winners will get benefits All the players get benefits through LOTTO tokens and become stake holders for lifetime.
No benefits for the referrer. Players will get referral benefits everytime their referrals buy tickets and win.
No prize sharing is available. Prize sharing is available upto 10 levels.
Has boundaries and available only in certain areas. Available all over the world and players can refer any person around the world regardless of national boundaries.
Prize distribution happens only when the round is completed. Available prizes will be distributed everyday.
Player has to claim the prize. Prize will be credited to player’s account automatically.
Prize draws are not 100% trustful, as many lottery draws get tempered. Prize draw is 100% fool proof as the Random Number Generation(RNG) takes place by smart contract on a public ledger on the blockchain.

How is Tronsweep Different from other online Lotteries?

Tronsweep is a community-driven platform, all the profit generated by the platform is distributed among the community in the form of dividends. And as it is a decentralized platform so everything runs on the smart contract and winners are picked through random number generators. 

Community-driven platforms are community-centric and maximum benefits are shared with the community. Users who are playing lottery games on the platform can earn a huge amount by winning the lottery but even if they don’t win they will get their money back in the form of a dividend by staking a LOTTO token which they get with every ticket.

Below are the features of Tronsweep Mega Lotto –

  • Whenever any user buys lottery tickets, they get a chance to win up to 300 million TRX.
  • When tickets are bought successfully, LOTTO tokens are added to the user’s wallet.
  • 45% of every ticket purchase goes to the dividend pool, which is distributed weekly to all the LOTTO token holders.
  • Users get directly 10% from their referral’s ticket purchase, this 10% will be given lifelong whenever their referrals buy tickets.
  • Users also get 2.5%  from their referrals winning the prize, which is up to 10 levels.
  • Users get the weekly dividend est 1-5% returns on their lotto tokens lifelong.


Tronsweep.com has made playing the lotto game a win-win situation for the users, you don’t lose your money even when you don’t win in the lottery because of the unique dividend system of the tronsweep. Users can actually invest their amount in the lottery and earn weekly Trons in the form of dividends and it becomes a kind of passive source of income. Calculate lotto dividend payout https://tronsweep.com/dapp/stake/lotto