If You Invested $1,000 In TORG 90 days ago, Here’s How Much You’d Have Now

If You Invested $1,000 In TORG 90 days ago, Here's How Much You'd Have Now

Anyone would have got around $98,534 profit easily from just investing 1000$

TORG, after its release, has started gaining profit as a grenade explosion. The reason for its gaining profit is its special planning, designing and speciality of usages.

It is true, like other cryptocurrencies, that its price fluctuates as time passes, but its speciality is the total, and the maximum supply of TORG is 777 billion, and the current circulating supply is 100%. And everyone, including the TORG issuer and the developers, can only purchase from the market. 

So, like other currencies, there is less chance of increasing and decreasing value like many other currencies.

Let’s take a look at it’s previous history and give an opinion on whether investing in TORG is beneficial or not.

  • On 12th September, the lowest value was $0.001714, and the highest was $0.002301 per unit. 
  • On 13th September, the lowest price was $0.001646 per unit, and the highest was $0.002276.
  • On 20th September, the minimum and maximum values were $0.002098 and $0.002693.
  • On 24nd October, the minimum value was $0.002296, and the maximum value was $0.002757 .

From the research, we have come to learn that the lowest price per unit of the currency was nearly at the end of July month and still in the present the price is still lower than the forecasted price, the price is expected to have a huge hike and sustainability.

We have also learned that the time difference between the lowest and the highest price is 3-6 hours or less in a day. It means if the price is quite low at this very moment, the price may reach its apex in the coming month. So, most importantly, one must need to be up to date for every hour if they want to get the maximum profit at the minimum investment.

Another interesting fact we have learned is that except for the first of the end of July month, most of the time, the average price of the currency had huge multiplications over the initial or the opening price. It means even if a person purchases some coins at the opening price or even now, they will gain huge profit, and if they hold them, the profit will be unimaginable.

  • As previously mentioned, the highest cost per unit TORG coin on 25th july was $0.00005366, so one can get 8,635,855 coins if he could manage to purchase. The minimum price came to $0.00002798. If he or she could hold the coins the benefit could be nearly $98,534.66.

It shows that if a person purchases units at the lowest price of 1000$, he could easily get more than $98,534.66 benefit from just investing 1000$.

Let’s consider when the price was below the open price of that currency. Most cunning investors purchase units when the price is the lowest. From 25th July to early August, the price was the lowest. 

Let’s take $0.00002798 as the lowest price a person could get. For investing 1000$, he could get 35,739,814.1529 TORG coins then.

Now, the highest price per unit is on 24th october (3 month later) approximately $0.002757. If he or she sold the total coins at the highest price (There were several times when the highest price was more than this), if the person invests $1000, he could get $98,534.66.

It means he could get $98,534.66.  profit easily from just investing 1000$, which is quite a big amount.

From the research and the calculation, we can say that investing in the TORG is quite beneficial. A person can get a huge profit on the total investment easily if he invests in the currency wisely. One has to remember that the price fluctuates even within 1 hour. So, whatever you do, first understand the market and then make a decision.