What Is TORG? Is It a Good Investment?

What is Torg Is It Good For Investment

On average, if a person makes an investment wisely, he/she can make over 20-40% or even more investment profit within days,  hours or even minutes without any physical effort. That’s why investing in TORG is so beneficial.

What is TORG?

TORG is the name of a cryptocurrency available on the market. But unlike the other currencies, it has many utilities for which it is also called an utilimeme. What it provides is that it has both cryptocurrency value and utility value.

It has become a focal point due to its overwhelming success in profit gaining and its special design, availability, and user-friendliness.

Is It Good For Investing In Torg?

For this answer, we need to discuss the policy of the currency.

TORG was first launched on 20th July of 2021. And it has been expanding like The “Big Bang” within less than one month, for which it has gained so much focus.

When it was launched, the total supply of TORG units was 777 billion, and the maximum supply was also 777 billion. On the other hand, the current circulating supply of its unit is 100%. It means there is no chance of mining and cheating, which will significantly impact its price.

Another interesting feature is that nobody related to the developer, VIP investors, or even issuers won’t get a single unit over purchasing. Here they will be regarded as a simple customer, which has greatly reduced the chances of fluctuating price per unit.

Let’s get a glimpse of the history of the last 40 days of TORG, which will explain your query in a more practical way.

On 8/25/21, the lowest value of the unit price of the coin was $0.001079 which was at its peak at that day, and that was $0.002162..

On 7/25/21, the minimum value of the unit price of TORG was $0.00002798, and the maximum value was $0.00005366. 

Like other cryptocurrencies, the price fluctuates even within hours. On 22/10/21, at 10 am, the price per unit was the lowest, which was $0.002242. But at 4 pm, the price per unit became $0.002702 which was the highest.

The value of the price per unit of the coin remains almost above $0.002702, which means if you had purchased some units earlier when the price was at the bottom, at present, you could get nearly 20% profit from your investment.

For example, on 11th September 2021, the lowest price per unit was $0.001647 at 2 pm, and the highest price per unit was $0.002299 at 5 pm. If a person purchased some units at the lowest price and sold them at the peak price, he or she would get a 39.59% profit within 3 hours without making any physical effort.

The lowest price ever per unit of TORG was $0.002242, whereas the highest price ever per unit was $0.002702. If someone could purchase units at the lowest price and sell them at the highest price, he would gain more than 20.51% profit, which is quite a big profit.

Final Verdict

So, on average, if a person makes a decision wisely, he/she could make over 100% profit within seven days or 7 hours without any physical effort. That’s why investing in TORG is so beneficial. It is also secured as only, and only the user community can make a decision or any approach. So, anyone can safely invest in TORG.

But as we have mentioned, price per unit fluctuates over hours, even over minutes, so it is better to watch the market situation and then take any approach carefully. Otherwise, it may lead to lesser profit. So for sure investing in TORG may become one of the best decisions of your life.