Grapeswap – A platform of several benefits to increasing your investment

Grapeswap - A platform of several benefits to increasing your investment

Grapeswap – A platform of several benefits with increasing your investment in Blockchain and BSC network. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects are becoming an increasingly number trending topic. Plenty of cryptocurrency jobs are considering creating this type of finance to offer its advantages to their users. On the other hand, in DeFi businesses, end-user loyalty is not rewarded, and almost all of the time isn’t considered during decision making. To that, the project I’ll present you is Grapeswap, a blockchain-based robust and functional decentralized digital one-stop-shop industry economy with well-balanced economic growth.  

Goals and how it works

The primary goal of Grapeswap is to make a decentralized digital market economy based on blockchain technology an effective and efficient industry with stable monetary growth.  The theory is to do this by rewarding your visitors for their loyalty thanks to each transaction made. 

How it works

GRAPESWAP has 12 million tokens, and 6 million tokens will be allocated for staking about our smart contract. The staking pool prize will be 5 000 thousand GRAPESWAP daily, and the Staker prize shall be based on their percentage of the total tokens in the staking pool. The staking prize will end up being halved every 365 days. The overlooked 6 million tokens will be allocated to pre-sales, workforce, bounty, and Airdrop. 60% of ecosystem charges will get to token holders by giving liquidity on the exchange.  

The token we get by providing liquidity, 70% will be burned, and 30% will be used for customer loyalty rewards. The goal of this method is to reduce the total number of tokens in the source to 6 million. 

The buying back and burning course are established to guarantee the reduced Grapeswap in circulation. The supply cut makes scarcity since GRAPESWAP can only just be acquired either by staking or buyer loyalty. A use-case and REWARD program is supposed to create an efficient and reliable utility and demand for a token. 


The key benefits that you will have with the Grapeswap platform are: 

  • Remuneration: Holders will get 60 percent of most ecosystem commissions and earnings every month. 
  • Buyback and burn software: every month, the platform gets back tokens with 60% of the ecosystem gains and burns them every quarter. 
  • Use case:  The Grapeswap (Grapenopoly) native token of the system will be used to pay for products within the ecosystem. 
  • Ecosystem token: Grapeswap (GRAPESWAP) will serve as the primary asset representing all bottom reward ecosystem actions. 
  • Limited token supply by Beeders: the way to obtain GRAPESWAP will get limited by 12,000,000 GRAPESWAP. 
  • Voting rights: token holders contain the proper to vote and decide on the solutions to the platform ecosystem. 


Grapeswap is a blockchain network developed for getting benefits by increasing your investment in Blockchain. With Grapeswap, there are lots of facilities are witing for its holders. They will get a good commission every month, can pay for products and they can give their opinions on the ecosystem platform. For all these facilities we recommend you to become a Grapeswap holder.