The First NFT-Integrated Engage to Earn Seed Crowdfunding and IDO Launchpad

The First NFT-Integrated Engage to Earn Seed Crowdfunding and IDO Launchpad

The cryptocurrency ecosystem depends largely on the community. The community not only consumes services offered by the projects but also empowers the projects since the development. In the crypto space, the majority of the projects use crowdfunding methods to allocate their tokens and raise funds for the development of the projects

These crowdfunding methods are called IDOs, IEOs, ICOs, etc. These methods help the project developers to market their services to the investors in exchange for their early participation in the project at a discounted price. Essentially, the investors purchase stakes in the project in the form of tokens at a discounted price before the public sale. 

To streamline this process, crypto launchpads come into play. Crypto launchpads are projects that help startups or projects by raising funds for them, connecting them with the community and investors, and making other resources available to them. Launching a project with the help of a launchpad ensures security and trust-less arrangement between project developers and investors. 

There are several launchpads in the market, such as TrustPad, Binance Pad, Seedify, FireStarter, etc., in the list of best IDO launchpads in 2022. However, a new member stands out because of its unique approach called AdLunam.

AdLunam IDO Launchpad

AdLunam is the only crypto launchpad in the market that uses a Proof of Attention allocation model where the users are rewarded and allocated tokens based on their everyday engagement in the space with the help of different activities. AdLunam is an engage to earn seed crowdfunding and IDO launchpad that creates an active community for the project before it goes live. 

As all the token allocation is done on the basis of the investor and user’s engagement, they actively participate in the development of the project, which benefits both parties. The project developers can efficiently allocate tokens based on fair engagement, and the investors without popularity or social media presence can also have a fair chance to become early stakeholders in the project.  

Using AdLunam, quality investors gain access to early-stage deal flow without having an investment network. Moreover, all the future token rewards quality investors directly. Once the project launches and the token succeeds, everyone, including developers, investors, and the community, wins. As the investors participate in the project, their investor profile score, including their engagement and crypto wallet score, also increases. This investor profile is a dynamic NFT that qualifies them for exclusive token allocation, airdrops and community rewards. 

The AdLunam ecosystem consists of the following tools. 

Space Camp 

A tokenomic advisory service for crypto startups and existing projects.


A research desk and due diligence platform that connects early-stage projects with seed investor pools. 

Space Station

A public space for crypto chatter spaces, engage to earn points, badges and ranking and proof of attention profiles based on engagement. 


An invite-only project space for airdrops, token allocations and wallet score profiles built based on investment patterns. 


The future expansion in Metaverse for investors and TGE events. 


The crypto space is rapidly evolving, and while new utility-rich token projects directly offer services to the community, crypto launchpads act as the ground layer for development. A crypto launchpad such as AdLunam ensures faith and trust between the project and investors using the proof of allocation model. These launchpads play a vital role in the crypto industry as they help in the quick and fair launch of the project. 

Moreover, as the crypto industry has been suffering several hacks and scam projects, launchpads such as AdLunam ensures the genuinity and trustworthiness of the project. 

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