Introducing God of Musician – The World’s First Music DeFi Platform

Introducing God of Musician - The World's First Music DeFi Platform

Polygon Smart Contract-based Blockchain-based music NFT project “God Of Musician” (G.O.M) is a game changer in music and NFTs. The project is like a billboard chart. GOM token is the official utility token of the platform. The goal is to establish the largest blockchain music platform in the world by introducing the full chain. Here music albums/melodies/lyrics and even a single verse can all be generated in the NFT version.

Gminer is the mining mechanism to generate GOM tokens. Gminer is divided into three grades. Standard, intermediate and premium. Currently, airdrop and Gminer are the only ways to generate GOM tokens on the platform. The standard Gminer generates 1 GOM token per day. The sale of Gminers is LIMITED.

Next, users can stake or hold their GOM tokens to earn extra profits or rewards. The artists or musicians’ profits depend on how many tokens are staked. Also, users can predict the movement of songs on the top 100 charts and earn rewards. One main point to consider here is that even if a user wrongly predicts the movement of the song on the chart, he’ll not lose his GOM tokens.

About Gsound

The holders of Gsound will constantly get dividends as long as users continue to vote and mine on the platform. The bearers of higher Gsound ranks are entitled to rank-matching benefits when the rank itself advances. Users can support good music and musicians to increase their visibility and interest.

When investors vote on GSound and lock up their funds, holders are eligible to receive continuing dividends. As GSound levels up, holders are eligible for additional privileges and incentives according to their status.

How Staking Works

Investors can lock up mining on their preferred Gsound using their G.O.M tokens. This allows them to compete for the relevant prize. This Gsound shareholder is also eligible to receive ongoing dividends.

In situations involving lock-up mining, it forecasts the ascent and descent of ranks. If your forecast is accurate, you will be awarded the prize. There is no system in place to punish failure.

Voting Mechanism

The platform also gives DAO community voting rights. In this framework, GOM token holders have the right to participate in the company’s management and decision-making processes. A DAO does not have a single, overarching authority figure; rather, token holders exercise power collaboratively through voting. Because all votes and activities through the DAO are logged on a blockchain, all actions taken by users will be available to the public.


The project is set to complete in 4 phases in 2022 and will continue to develop over time. In the first stage, the team will work on website development, collaborations with music artists, social media marketing, white paper, token launch and building a music NFT incubator platform.

The second phase will mainly focus on will presentation of artists and the pre-sale of the Gminer. The team will work on marketing and publications. The team will boost the marketing through influencers and build a solid community.

In the 3rd phase of the project, the project will recruit global musicians, generate musicians’ Gsounds and activate the Godboard top 100 charts.

In the last phase, music exchange and Gsound transactions will start. The users will be able to hold NFTs and earn rewards.

How To Register

Firstly, users need to register their accounts on the platform. Then, users will be able to listen to different kinds of music, and artists can upload their music albums and songs in the form of NFTs. Lastly, users have the option to auction their NFTs or trade them.

If you want to know more about the project, follow their socials and visit their website.